Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Victory to Guru Sankaradeva!

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  1. Dr Ankuran Kakoti, LondonApril 30, 2009 at 1:50 AM

    I donot know how to express my gratitude to the editor and staff, for this excellent website. I have never known how dynamic a personality the great guru, Srimanta Sankardeva was, till I came across this website. I am stunned by how an individual can contribute so much to the society. Honestly, I donot see any individual as complete as Sankardeva, perfect in so many different fields.

  2. Sankardeva,the apostle of the neo-vaisnava movement in Assam has long endured in the history of Assam the legacy of purity and benevolence.His contributions were great in the cultural arena...

  3. A nice site. Looking forward Nam Ghosa in Enlish version

  4. A great site. The editor may use free Assamese font like Aadarsha Ratne Internet Dynamic developed by Rabin Deka, for Assamese scripts.

  5. Great Concept... Keep the good work.Congrats to the whole team.Do let me know if you need any help from my side.I will be happy to contribute...

  6. Hi,

    I have had a look into atributetosankaradeva.org, and it was really a nice experience.
    This website will definitely fill a gap in internet world.

  7. Dear Sir,
    It is very exciting to know that people like you are spreading the message of Sri Sri Sankardeva to the world. This is a great effort and I really appreciate your effort. Please let me know if we could also help you in your noble cause.

  8. You have developed an important resource on the net.

  9. Hi,
    It is indeed a good attempt. I visited the site. I guess there are some broken links in the site. Also, I could not find out the publisher of the site. At least name and address (at least location) should be there. Please correct me if I could not find it out.

  10. This great saint of Assam should be
    promoted all over the world about the messages that he wanted to share with

  11. Your website is very beautifully designed and I have found it to be quite comprehensive. Please keep up the good work. I really appreciate your sincere efforts towards popularising Assamese culture at a global level through your website.

  12. Thanks to the article "Attributes of Sankardeva" published in the November 2008 issue of Pooswa, I came across a link to your website. At the very outset I would like to congratulate you for the excellent site that you have compiled. I fully agree with the comment of Jugal "The site has a treasure
    trove of information about Saint Sankaradeva and the religion he started in Assam". You have included various information regarding Sankaradeva and also about the Sattras.

  13. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Let me say I have seen a lot of websites connected with various aspects of Hinduism and Bhakti etc. but yours may be the best. I don't know if this much information about Sankaradeva is collected anywhere else. The detail is incredible.
    Thanks for the wonderful website. I hope it can be continued.

  14. I like the simplicity of the Sankaradeva version of bhakti. He is definitely one of the admirable saints of India, along with others of my (new) heroes such as Kabir, Ravidas, Dadu Dayal, etc.


  16. This website is very useful to those students who likes to know about the "eka saran dharma".

  17. jai jagannath,i interested to know more about srimant sankaradeva visited
    jagannath dham ,puri,orissa.thanks.


  18. I consider it to be the supreme duty of every Assamese to make every effort towards generating
    awareness regarding Srimanta Sankardeva and the Neo-Vaisnavite Movement inititaed by him.

  19. Could not help myself but writing to you on your great work. Kudos to you! You are doing great service!

    I have presented in Sattriya "Ravanoloi Sitar Abhisaap" and the Episode of "Sita Haran". Recently I have presented 'Draupadir Bilap' and 'Arjunar Vishwa Rup Darshan' from Asomiya Mahabharat which is also a Great work by Gurujona. You may consider publishing papers on Mahabharat also.

  20. I am extremely grateful to you for the great service rendered to the people of Assam specially and beyond, by telling them about the great saint that we ever had in our midst.

  21. Gone through the list of books. An excellent effort. This has prompted me to write a comparative study of philosophy of Guru nanak and Srimant Sankardeva; they being the same in nature.

  22. Re: Wood Carvings of Sattras and Nam-ghars of Assam.
    >Perhaps, not many people know that some of the wood carvings of Assam are the "finest specimens of the entire range of wood carving in the sub-continent".
    I totally agree. Unfortunately Assam has forgotten a lot of its past, arts and crafts. In fact we are going backwards and countries like China are going forward (in this field). Here are some examples:- before, our Gosainghar had Merdhari (large round bamboo mat). Now we not only rarely see them nor can we find some one who can make one. If we find someone who may still know it, he is probably not too eager to teach. There has to be a problem somewhere.
    I was delighted to know that my great-grandfather, Late Dimbeswar Hazarika made the great Asan (7 storied) of the Purana (Ghai) Kamalabari Satra at Mohima, Titabor (Assam, India). Hand made from probably our own garden Kothal (Jackfruit) tree. Coloured with hand made paint from local products
    like "Hangul", "Haital", etc. I saw the Asan on display as a child but it was enough to get my admiration.
    He is also said to have writen a few books (puthis) in Sanci Paat made by hand-made ink, using local products like Khilikha, Amlokhi (Amla), Cow Urine, Bonda Kesu (large earth worm) juice, etc and written with pen made of Dhekia Loti (a type of fern). These are now duly treasured by the Sattra. But unfortunately we have no one in our family who can do that today. Nor do we have the expertise of making the above paints and inks, so easily made by my great-grandfather. I sadly have to acknowledge this great loss - an art probably lost forever.

  23. Re: New Video Channel Inaugurated!

    What you have just done is something which we needed for a long time. Some one may have thought about it earlier, but what matters is that you have started it and started it in style. I am sure there is a lot more to be added. I am sure you will add to it a high standard like that of your web site

    Congratulations and well done!!

  24. I am very much elated ...I take keen interest on the contributions made by Srimanta Sankardeva, the father of the Assamese nation.

  25. Thanks for the site. BUt this can be far better. May I know who is developing and designing the site? Please alter the color of background for God's sake. If this is done by someone who does not know about web-programming, I salute him/her for this effort. But if this is developed by some private company professionals, please give a tight slap. Sankardeva is our pride and we ought to give respect to him

  26. I do not agree with the comments of Mr. Manjit Nath. As regards the background, it think it is remarkable, as it reminds me of the colour of "sansi pat".

    It is also not important as to whether the team is doing things themselves or with the help of some "private companies". What is most important is they are doing a remarkable job.

  27. Krishna!

    I have few articles on Saint Sankaradeva and wish to send to you with your due permission and wish to provide any unconditional support for the uplift of such great organization and Assam's culture and heritage.

  28. Thanks for creating this site.

    Best Wishes.

  29. I think its our prime responsibility to take him out from the narrow boundary of us and if we all try together and try to understand his multifaceted personality we will success to establish Srimanta Sankaradeva in all over world.
    Anyway,I have Appreciated to all of you who being involved in designing this site so nicely and hope we will work togethr...

  30. Thanks a lot for providing wealth of information. I do not find any difference in the thinking process of Srimanta Sankara Deva from that of Guru Nanak. It is wonderful to know this from the Great Debate.

  31. Jagat Chandra KalitaMarch 22, 2011 at 1:47 AM

    Thank you for your excellent site with excellent items on different aspects of Srimanta Sankaradeva.

  32. Congratulations again for this new job.
    Please keep up the great work you are doing.

  33. >the Great Debate, Now Online!

    Thank you for sending the excellent work of Guru Sankaradeva and Guru Madhavadeva. Keep up your good work and accept my Kind regards to you all .

  34. I have gone through books on Srimanta Sankardeva, now and then. I find him always someone nearer to the creator and tried to compare with one of the great personality of the world Leonardo da Vinci. In the same line I would like to explore more and more about Srimanta Sankardeva and his works. The multiple qualities/ skills Leonardo da Vinci was applauded for is also can be found in Srimanta Sankardeva, but in comparison to Vinci Srimanta
    Sankardeva is yet to be established in the world community.

    I never forget the infamous quote by Satyajit Ray, when he was awarded the Srimanta Sankardeva Award.

    Let there be blessings of Srimanta Sankardeva above all over the world.

  35. Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that we have noticed, although your site contains articles on many topics, yet the focus on translation/Translation oriented topics seems to be quite low. We therefore reguest you to give more attention to this core area which will prove to be of immense value for
    Sankaradeva Studies.

  36. This site is very well-prepared and managed by a group of selfless people. I marvel at their dedication. So many valuable articles and important photographs have been uploaded here that one can easily learn about the multi-faceted contributions of Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva and Mahapurusha Madhavadeva very easily by serfing here. It will hopefully go a long way. We have miles to go. We have to make Mahapurusha Srimanta Sankaradeva a household name world-over.


    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for taking Sankardev to the world.

    Pls link some Borgeet's available in youtube to this site.

  38. Dear Editor,

    If morning shows the day, 9th June promised to be special. It was legendary Guitarist Les Paul's 96th birthday and the folks at Google Inc had decided to celebrate the occasion by (literally) re-inventing the guitar...for the web, that is. Netizens were pleasantly surprised to see a 'playable' guitar on their screens masquerading as the Google Logo that they could 'strum' to their heart's content. Well, for the moment, with web-technology providing such a support to latent humanities it seemed that no news could be better. But, then, later into that very day, when we received a mail from the Editor of 'A Tribute to Sankaradeva', we realized that the Google doodle was only a trailer heralding the arrival of 'something better' - the Kirttana and the Nama-Ghosa (well, that's two masterpieces!) - into the Web. And as one browsed through the 'pages' of the online version of Gurujana's chief creation and as the songs of Kirttanas played in this virtual environment and as the feeling of sheer joy poured forth from the dormant caverns of the heart, one knew that science had once more bowed before matchless humanities. In an instant, complicated JavaScript was dwarfed by a timeless masterpiece and that pristine joy shone again once more in its past glory.

    Keep going, Mr. Editor!

  39. Krishna,Respected editor,
    Thank you for your selfless job. I think it is also a valuable media to take our guru Sankardev
    to the World. keeping forward we will behind you.
    Best regards to all who are related this noble job.

  40. what is call Tri-Tap.please brifely .
    atul kumar nath,samaguri Nagaon Assam
    email:- atulkumarnath2012@gmail.com

  41. in our srimanta sangha run with four books(1) constitution(2)Okhus
    pradhati(3) Bibah padhati( marige rule)(4) prsng padhati (rule)

  42. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

  43. Sri sri Manta sankardev is not Guru of Auniati satra.Mazuli They not follow.They Never say "Krina " They say "Gobinda" They not honour " Kirtana and Namghukha" Bhagavata which is assamese.

  44. words are few to express my gratitude towards the creator of this excellent website on Gurujona. My humble request to you to preserve the speeches of Padadhikars delivered on numerous occassions the way President's speeches are preserved. Please keep up your good works. Krishna!

  45. Dear Editor,

    It has come to my notice that the translations of the Borgeets that you have uploaded in your site as the following:
    The Borgits (Devotional Lyrics) of Sankaradeva (15 Borgits in English Translation)

    was not done by Shri V.K. Subramaniam but by myself at his request for his book Sacred Songs of India Vol 9. He is a family friend and we had the discussion of including these in his book. These were done by me from the Assamese translations given to me by Sattradhikar of Shri Shri Natun Kamalabari Sattra, PrabhuNarayan Chandra Goswami. For any clarification you may refer to the book again where Shri Subramaniam has mentioned the same in his acknowledgement page (pic attached).

    Kindly make the necessary correction.
    Hoping to hear from you at the earliest.

    Thank you.


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